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Shooting A Wedding in LA .



I recently photograph a wedding   For those of you who haven’t been to this city or wouldn't consider it as a “wedding locale” I suggest you go to the roof of the place and look out over that view.  This is a great location for a weddings and the type of wedding images you can get while shooting at this hotel are magnificent.  Again, if you haven’t been to Santa Monica is right in the heart of CA.  The rooftop lounge with its view make it easy on me to seem like an amazing photographer when I show people the photos I took at that location.


The roof is probably the best spot for an outdoor evening wedding.  First the views of the bay make a perfect backdrop for a married photos.  And the in the evening, with the lights strung between the cabanas you'd be hard pressed not to think you were photographing some exotic Mediterranean villa.  I had a real ball taking wedding pictures here because it gave me so much to work with: ocean views, beautiful sunsets, columns—really this was an amazing place for me to shoot.


The bride and groom looked great.  The florists gave me so much to work with.  I would highly recommend this venue.  It’s the best wedding locations in Los Angeles.  Photos taken here have all the benefit of great lighting and any photographer can come away with hundreds of beautiful photos.  Personally, I am light-fanatic so having the opportunity to shoot outdoor evening weddings like the one in Los Angeles Santa Monica.

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