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How to prepare yourself to photo-shot/Engagement

How to prepare yourself for photo-shot with JessiPhotography.com - Engagement photography San Diego.

I know you want the best for you and that's exactly what I do.

As the marriage has two sides it also here, So what you need to do before you come to photography session.

First comes with great mood - feel the LOVE, because i know the images so important for you and I'm sure you want to look amazing,

don't forget list :



*Dress- make sure its feel compatibility between you and him.


Engagement :

 So we said ring?

Do not forget and bring the ring with you.

Other accessories are things we are welcome  but only you know what complements you and what makes you feels the most special for example:

* Gift he  gave you on the first week.

* Chocolate you like to eat together or something else...

*Wood letters that writes the word LOVE or your name or your wedding date.

these are just examples, be creative and bring what make you smile ,

So what actually we have :

Now you just need to contact me and book your E-session.



What a lovely smile..
What is the most funny story that you remember ?


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